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totally_cas's Journal

WOOHP all the way

On a Mission Undercover
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I'm your mod, Lauren. If you have any questions, complaints, or anything like that, comment on my journal. My u'n is xmixed_upx
Hey, all totally_cas mambers! Welcome to the team! totally_cas stands for 'totally clover, alex, and sam, just so you know! This community is for Totally Spies fans. Here, there will be a weekly Mission, icon/banner contests, and other fun things to do. You can also try out for the part of the spies, the people they know, and other characters in the series. But before you join, read the rules and such below.

There are a few rules, and a few things I should probably discuss here. And so I will.

Rules & the Like
01. Here, every opinion is accepted. Heated discussions are fine, but angry arguments are not.

02. If you DO decide to try out for a spy part, please make your app as easy as possible to read. Use punctuation, whole words, and keep it simple!

03. When participating in a story, make sure you continue with the storyline. Whoever reads the Starter first gets to begin the Mission. After that, the person who read the Mission Beginning can complete the Middle. And so on. First come, first serve. Feel free to comment on a story. But don't change a story around completely simply because you don't like the way it's going.

04. Post fanfics, poems, stories, icons, banners, etc. under an LJ-cut. For information on LJ-cuts, find them under FAQs.

05. Feel free to create as many banners and icons as you'd like to give to the community. I plan on having an icon "area" so that people can find ones they like, credit, and view icons. But this is just a PLAN, so far.

06. Enjoy yourself! Start discussions, end discussions, and get involved. This community prefers conversational and active members.

Oh yes, and, PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!totally_cas is always looking for new, active members. Please let me check any banners before you put them in advertising communities, though. And be sure you check whether or not you have to JOIN before promoting us. We don't want any trouble.