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On a Mission Undercover

WOOHP all the way

May 9th, 2006

The Mission @ 05:43 pm

Okay, so, what happens with the missions is this:

-I will post them, usually weekly. If not once a week, then bi-weekly, for the most part.
-If you'd like to participate, you can write the Beginning, Middle, or End (depending on which part the community is at) and post it for comments, review, discussions, etc.
-If you'd like to make a Spinoff of a mission, that's great too. A Spinoff is supposed to be like a part in the actual show where the girls are chilling in town, and the sub-storyline is continuing on.
EX: In "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah", there were cheerleading tryouts going on during the show. You can chronicle what happens in the meantime during a mission with a Spinoff. Anyone can do a Spinoff (unlike the situation in which only one Beginning, Middle, or End can be done per mission).

The Mod :D
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