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On a Mission Undercover

WOOHP all the way

April 28th, 2006

Mission #1 Starter @ 06:58 pm

8:43 P.M.- Bahamas</b>

A young man is outside on a city boulevard. He stops to look at a sign for a concert happening later that week. He hears something. Whipping around, the man finds a tall, leggy figure standing in front of him. It points something at him, and a bright yellow ray shoots out, hitting him in the head. He screams, grabbing his head. After a moment, the figure lowers its weapon. It says in a cold, unfeeling voice,
"You will follow me."
The man straightens up slowly. He turns to face who- or whatever just spoke to him. The shadow of his face, on the sidewalk under the dim streetlight, is monstrously malformed.
"I will follow you," he says.
An evil laugh rises, and the pair disappears.
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