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On a Mission Undercover

WOOHP all the way

May 9th, 2006

The Mission @ 05:43 pm

Okay, so, what happens with the missions is this:

-I will post them, usually weekly. If not once a week, then bi-weekly, for the most part.
-If you'd like to participate, you can write the Beginning, Middle, or End (depending on which part the community is at) and post it for comments, review, discussions, etc.
-If you'd like to make a Spinoff of a mission, that's great too. A Spinoff is supposed to be like a part in the actual show where the girls are chilling in town, and the sub-storyline is continuing on.
EX: In "Sis-KaBOOM-Bah", there were cheerleading tryouts going on during the show. You can chronicle what happens in the meantime during a mission with a Spinoff. Anyone can do a Spinoff (unlike the situation in which only one Beginning, Middle, or End can be done per mission).

The Mod :D

April 28th, 2006

Mission #1 Starter @ 06:58 pm

Back again @ 05:50 pm

Coordinates: downstairs
Attitude: hungry hungry
Sounds: cartoons

Okay, so I'm back again. This time, i've come with the new Mission Starter. This short part is going to simulate the part in the very beginning of the show when something strange takes place. I'll have one to start off every Mission. If you want to add on the next part, which would be the Beginning.

The beginning in the shows is when the spies are usually in town and basically doing nothing. Then they usually get WOOHPed. Be descriptive when you're telling about how the girls get WOOHPed--through a trash can, a locker, etc.

I'm going to go now, but I'll update later in the week with info on the Main Part (the middle) and the End.

See you Monday!

Application "Form" for Totally Spies Characters. @ 05:34 pm

Coordinates: downstairs
Attitude: headache-y
Sounds: Mission Impossible

Under the cut is the application for the Totally Spies character that you would like to be. Copy and paste into a new journal entry--DON'T LEAVE APPLICATION AS A COMMENT--under an LJ CUT. Use this phrase for the cut text: A Spy must Apply (without bold formatting).

When you have finished with your application, please put it in a NEW ENTRY. Thanks!

About the AppCollapse )

Application Here!Collapse )

(no subject) @ 03:36 pm

Coordinates: in the basement
Attitude: calm calm
Sounds: cartoons

Okay, so, since you are the only member in this community so far, jazznotes, I should ask you: Do you want to take the quiz i will be posting (shortly) and try out for the part of a character?

Whatever your results are, I'll be able to check them out and judge whether or not i agree. Comment on this entry if you want to try out for a part. I'm going to prepare the quiz now, come back, post it, make an update, and then i'll check your results.

Enjoy the community!

April 26th, 2006

Welcome! @ 05:33 pm

Sounds: TS theme song

Hey! This is your mod here! Lauren. Yeah. Anyhow, if you've just joined, make an entry about your favorite TS character. We can discuss them, and it'll be a great start to this community, i think. So, go!